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Exile Server Rules

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Server Name:   [PT]Exile Arma Portugal|Chernarus Redux|64Bits|Pineapple

Map:  C
hernarus Redux
Chernarus Redux
CUP Core
CUP Units
CUP Vehicles
CUP Weapons



• Respect all players and admins at all times! 
• Do not argue with an admin in-game, If you want to discuss something you can go to TS talk about it or create a topic on the forum. 
• Never tell an admin what to do, we can think for ourselves! 
• Impersonating admins will result in a permanent ban. 
• Admin decisions are final. 
• Do not forget to pay de base every 7 days,after pass 7 days the base is automatically deleted.
• We expect players will take the necessary precautions to keep their bases safe. This is not a grind based server where all bases or vehicles are safe. 
• This is a Player vs Player (PVP) server.
• No Duping or hacking, you will be permanently banned. 
• No Exploiting, glitching or grieving. 
• A player breaking the rules is not an excuse for you to break the rules. 
• Accusing someone for hacking needs to be backed up by video proof or screenshot and a report on the forum! 
• Continuous false accusations towards players or admins will result in a ban, the severity of the ban is decided by the Head Admin. 
• When you suspect someone of hacking you can always report them on teamspeak or on the forum!
• No Racism, sexual comments, health threats or life insults! This also includes base, player and group names! 
• Do not copy other player names or clan tags to troll them. You will be kicked and asked friendly to change your name or tag. 
• Persistent Combat Loggers will be punished! 
• Logging out whilst in an enemy territory is only allowed on a server restart with the intention of rejoining after the server restart.
• Log off in time before restart, “NO COMPENSATION” when rolled back!


• Portuguese or English only in side chat. 
• No voice in side chat. 
• Continuous trolling is not tolerated and is an offense which will result in a 24 hours ban. 
• No inappropriate language, we have lots of different ages playing on the server and this will result in a warning or a 24 hours ban. 


• The traders marked with a pop-tab icon are a safe-zone.
• No ramming/stealing/griefing.
• No camping in or out of traders.
• Vehicles left in traders on restart will be unlocked.
• Abusing "Safezones" in combat will be punished.
• No trader trolling, staying inside a safe-zone just to troll is not allowed and will result in a 24 hours ban or permanently ban.
• Leaving the safe-zone for a short period to kill someone and then returning to the safe-zone immediately is not allowed.
• Blocking other players from traders inside a safe-zone will be considered trolling.
• Shooting into a safe-zone is not allowed.
• Destroying vehicles inside a safe-zone is not allowed and will result in a 24 hours ban or permanently ban.
• It is not allowed to sling-load a vehicle from a safe-zone.
• There are no rules for traders without a safe-zone.


• Base building limit is set to a max. of 400 objects and a territory radius of 150 meters. 
• You are not allowed to build on roads. 
• You are allowed to build over a road when the space under is a minimum of two full walls high. 
• If you are unsure if something is allowed, ask an admin before you start to build. 
• Players have to pay protection to maintain their territory every 7 days, when the base is not maintained for 7 days it will be automatically deleted! 
• Players can pay the protection money to maintain their territory at the Office trader in one of safe-zones. 
• You are not allowed to build a sky base.
• You are not allowed to build a base off the map.
• You are not allowed to put the flag base inside map buildings, rocks, objects, etc or anything that has to do with the map itself.
• You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of a safe-zone. 
• You are not allowed to build within 1000 meters of a spawn-zone. 
• Admins can remove your flag upon request, admins will however not move your flag so think before placing it! 
• A base breaking any of these rules will be deleted without any refunds.



Purchase Price    Radius     Number of Objects
     5000               15                  30                Level 1
     10000             30                  60                Level 2
     20000             45                  90                Level 3
     30000             60                  120              Level 4
     50000             75                  150              Level 5
     60000             90                  180              Level 6
     70000             105                210              Level 7
     80000             120                240              Level 8
     90000             135                300              Level 9
     100000           150                400              Level 10


• Doors with a code lock can be opened by using a Grinder with Batteries. 
• You need 20 Batteries for one lock, a successful grind will remove the code lock from the door. 
• There is a chance of breaking the Grinder during usage! 
• Hacking requires a Base Laptop, it's possible to hack Safes. 
• A hack will take 10 minutes with the chance of failure destroying the Base Laptop! 
• A hack can only be initiated when there are at least 3 players online! 
• Initiating a hack will mark the position on the map and will inform all players. 
• During the hack you can use available CCTV cameras that are available in the territory. 
• A successful hack on a Safe will unlock it. 
• Breaching walls can be done with the special breaching charges. 
• Wood wall requires 3 breaching charges (Wood), placing 1 breaching charge takes 3 minutes. 
• Metal wall requires 3 breaching charges (Metal), placing 1 breaching charge takes 4 minutes. 
• Concrete wall requires 3 breaching charges (Big Momma), placing 1 breaching charge takes 5 minutes. 
• The breaching charges can be crafted with the right materials which can be purchased on the traders and black trader, otherwise you can loot it yourself. 
• Moving base parts whilst being raided is forbidden we have a script in place to prevent this. 


• Corpses will stay for at least 15 minutes!  
• A territory which is not payed for will be deleted after 7 days, this includes all constructions and containers in it, for example, all safes, crates and tents. 
• A territory without a flag will be deleted after 3 days and Sets door & safe pins to 0000 and marks safes to abandoned 2 days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid.
• Containers placed outside of a territory will be removed after 10 days for example, safes, crates and tents.
• Constructions without territory will be removed after 2 day for example Work Benches. 
• Vehicles stored on the map and which are not used for 7 days will be removed.
• Safes placed outside of a territory and which are not used for 7 days will be set safe as abandoned on the map and removed after 10 days.



• When reporting a player you must have proof or contact an admin on TS whilst the violation is occurring. 
• If you see someone breaking the rules, please record a video and report it on the TS or forum.
• All violations can be reported on the forum, when there is no admin available on TS use the forum.



• We can only compensate after we have received conclusive video proof. 
• We will only compensate players who submit a support ticket. Here you can submit a ticket: https://armedassaultportugal.forumeiros.com/f69-problemas-bugs 
• We do not compensate when you die to stairs, rocks or bushes. 
• We do not compensate when you cannot access the inventory of a corpse. 
• We do not compensate vehicles that were stored outside the territorys.
• We do not compensate safes, crates and Exile containers that lost their content due to moving. Empty them before moving it! 
• We do not compensate when transporting an Exile container in an Aircraft. 
• We do not compensate when transporting any crate or Exile container on a vehicle in an Aircraft.
• Log off in time before restart, “NO COMPENSATION” when rolled back! 


Selling Ammoboxes Supplies Content
When you complet the mission you can sell the ammoboxes content!
Park you vehicle near the ammobox and select in scroll menu Load "cargo (name of box) in..." then point to your vehicle and select "...load in..." (yellow options) and wait for loading progress. After this go to the Trader in Waste Dump site and unload the box, in scroll menu yellow option "View the vehicle's content", select the box and unload it, and pick up your Pop Tabs inside.

Players will only get the scroll option to defib the dead player whilst the target player is bleeding out, and if they (the player) are holding a defib! 
It will show up with the identify body scroll option as "Perform CPR".
1 Defibrillator = Max Revives Allowed = 3

Mobile XM8
Get the XM8 app from Playstore to your smartphone.
Android App, Download the free Exile Android App to receive notifications from our servers and base raid!
XM8 sends notifications to your smartphone about your base facilities.
Server code is: 9G0M


• Grinding, Hacking, Journal, View Distance, EnigmaRevive.


• If you wish to appeal a ban or have any questions please create a topic on the forums or log in to our TS server and search for an admin, here is no need to have discussions with admins in-game.

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